News Brief: Recent Events in Global Health Law

The insurance industry has told Congress that it will support a national health care overhaul that requires them to accept all customers, but in return it wants lawmakers to mandate that everyone buy coverage.  Washington Post

Emerging technologies could boost supplies of essential plant-based drugs to combat and ultimately help eradicate malaria.  BBC

A federal appeals court in Boston ruled in favor of a New Hampshire law, upholding the right of states to prohibit the sale of doctor-specific prescription drug data that is widely used in pharmaceutical marketing.  NY Times

A group of doctors said Wednesday that President Robert Mugabe’s government is to blame for a cholera epidemic sweeping Zimbabwe and that the disease’s spread there is being dramatically underreported.  Associated Press

A £4.5m public awareness campaign in England will be aimed at boosting the numbers of voluntary organ donors.  The UK has one of the lowest organ donation rates in Europe.  Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that if the campaign did not work, the law may be changed to “opt out.”  BBC 

Burger King Corp. said Wednesday it is cutting the amount of sodium in its kids meals and promoting menu combinations with less than 650 calories as part of a push to emphasize nutrition at its fast-food chains.  Washington Post


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  1. […] Zimbabwe’s government has asked the international community for urgent help in tackling its cholera outbreak.  The ongoing cholera outbreak has claimed over 480 lives and led to more than 11,700 recorded […]

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