Scholar’s Corner: Recent Scholarly Works in Global Health Law

The International Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms: Importing Caution into the U.S. Food Supply

Debra M. Strauss
Fairfield University Charles F. Dolan School
of Business

Food and Drug Law Journal, Vol. 61, No. 2, pp. 167-196


Biotechnology in the food industry has developed rapidly in recent years. In the United States, Genetically Modified Organisms in food have increased exponentially, while these products are largely banned and strictly regulated overseas. After examining the scientific issues, including unintended risks to human health and the environment, this article explores the rigorous regulatory scheme of the EU and international community in contrast to the relatively unrestrictive approach of the United States. This article proposes an expanded model of mandatory positive labeling, in combination with voluntary negative labeling, along with a system of pre-market and post-market testing, monitoring, and tracking of GM components. In responding to the concerns of its citizens and giving greater weight to unknown risks, the U.S. government would increase consumer confidence and strengthen the long-term viability of the biotechnology industry. Moreover, by implementing more stringent standards, the United States can regain entry for its agricultural products into the global marketplace.

Available at SSRN



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