News Brief: Recent Events in Global Health Law

Chile’s Health Minister Soledad Barria is resigning over concerns that the government failed to notify people who had tested positive for HIV/AIDS.  Washington Post

Half of all American doctors responding to a nationwide survey say they regularly prescribe placebos to patients.  Similar results have been found in surveys from Denmark, Israel, Britain, Sweden and New Zealand.  N.Y. Times

American spending on diabetes drugs has nearly doubled in the past six years, climbing to a record $12.5 billion.  The rise in spending seems to be driven by new, costly drugs and increased numbers of people being treated for the disease.  Washington Post

Polio infections are increasing and spreading to new countries. Since April, outbreaks have been found in 10 countries beyond the 4 in which polio is considered endemic (Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan). N.Y. Times

Today’s smokers are more nicotine-dependent than earlier; there has been a 12 percent rise in nicotine dependence over the past 15 years.  The number of highly nicotine-dependent people has gone up 32 percent in that same time frame.  Washington Post


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