News Roundup: October 8, 2008

For the first time, China adopts standards governing levels of melamine in milk products.  Newsweek

Governing agencies in the Phillipines instructed by the President to close stores that were selling banned Chinese milk products.  Business World

Biotech company to introduce genetic testing for common forms of breast cancer.  Washington Post

Grameen Bank of Bangladesh is teaming up with Pfizer in a project designed to extend affordable healthcare through private insurance to the world’s poor.  Financial Times

The Wildlife Conservation Society has listed 12 global diseases that may be made worse by climate change.  Scientific American

Experts foresee an “end in sight” for elephantiasis, a painful and disfiguring disease that effects 100 million people.  BBC

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary in the UK, launched a new £12 million strategy to improve global health.  Among the plan’s goals is increased use of electronic communication to provide more access to information.  PHG Foundation

Pfizer restructures its business units established global business units to make room for a new group focusing on emerging markets.  Medical, Marketing & Media


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